Hologram Stickers

Hologram Stickers

    Hologram Stickers are solution to protect your brand from Counterfeiter & any type of forgery as a hologram is created using laser optics by following a very complicated process called holographic recording. The more technically intricate the design the more difficult it is to reproduce. A secret message, code number or name can be recorded in one of the layers of the hologram. Holotechs has simplified the procedure by providing readers to enable the person to read the secret message.The Key is to make the design simple, yet technically complicated.

 Tamper Evident & anti-counterfeit, security hologram stickers that can also offer void legend on tampering available as in the form of labels & tapes. This Hologram is made using following technique 2D/3D, Dot-matrix, E-beam etc.


  • Hologram Stickers cannot be duplicated by any known printing techniques
  • Cannot be scanned or electronically transmitted
  • Simple to verify in the field with the naked eye when compared against a known genuine reference hologram – without any complex equipment
  • Over 100 currencies have holograms for security
  • Proven performance in curbing counterfeits




·         Pharmaceutical Industry

·         FMCG

·         Food & Beverages

·         Liquor Industries

·         Textile Industries

·         Cosmetics

·         Banking Sector





·         Anti-Counterfeiting Hologram Stickers

·         Tamper Proof Hologram Stickers

·         Tamper Evident Hologram Stickers

·         Self Adhesive Hologram Stickers

·         3D Hologram Stickers.

·         2D Hologram Stickers

·         Dot-matrix Hologram Stickers

·         E-Beam Hologram stickers

·         Void Security Labels

·         Hologram Stickers for Box Packaging

·         Security Hologram

·         Holographic Tape.


Authetic Seal

Authentic seal hologram seals offer enhanced protection against tampering. So, if any attempt is made to lift the seal to gain entry, these seals, self-destruct by de-laminating. Moreover, the Authentic seal security seal leaves behind residue on the substrate surface, indicating that it has been tampered.

Authentic seal Hologram Labels are self-adhesive with a release liner, used for on product integrity, sealing cartons and brand authentication. These hologram labels self-destruct if any attempt is made to remove them.

The Authentic seal Hologram Seals have strong adhesive properties and hence works well on almost any surface. Authentic seal tamper evident hologram seals are available in sheets, rolls for automatic application.




Authetic Seal



FussionMark holographic hot stamping foils are used for authentication of valuable documents like important certificates, mark sheets, etc. FussionMark hot stamping foils can be transferred by heat and fused on to a host of surfaces such as paper, plastics, leather, etc. for both authentication & decoration. These are non-removable and non-transferable and are available in a continuous pattern hologram or as individual index sensor marks suitable for hologram registration equipment on hot stamping machines.

FussionMark holograms are custom designed, embedded with security features and supplied in roll form. These are ideal for large volume application on valuable documents, product labels, certificates, cartons, etc. for enhanced security and authentication.

Some of the commonly used items like ID Cards, Driving License, Voter ID Cards, and Pan Cards etc.



PHARMACEUTICAL ALUMINIUM FOIL WITH UNIQUE ANTI-COUNTERFEIT SECURITY PharmaSeal aluminum foil is a standard pharmaceutical packaging foil with printing up to eight colors with hologram, in hard temper with heat seal lacquer for as lidding foil for blister packing. PharmaSeal soft temper with polyethylene coating for packing. This helps in providing security against counterfeiting. PharmaSeal also available in soft temper Aluminum Strip Foils for use in tablet strip packing and can also be used for other products. Apart from usage in pharmaceutical industry, such PharmaSeal lidding holographic foils can be used in packaging of dairy, water and other products as well.

  • PharmaSeal is a specially developed aluminium foil for use as blister liding foil or to make tablet strip packs.
  • PharmaSeal one foil component with holographic image.
  • PharmaSeal can be easily used on all the standard tablet packaging machines.



Printed Aluminium Foil

Printed Aluminium Foil

Printed aluminium foil is suitable for strip packaging of pharmaceutical products like tablet & capsules. These foils are available in different thickness from 25µ/30µ/40µ for pharmaceutical application, Its available in various size as per customers requirement

  • High Security Hologram

  • Mirror – selective finish

  • Security multicolour micro print

  • Index marks registered both sides


Printed Shrink Sleeves


Shrink Sleeves

The Aesthetic appeal & versatile functionality of Shrink sleeves make any brand successful in wide range of markets. This shrink sleeves conform to any shape with 3600 surface for your Brand’s Message  & it transfer tightly to the shape of container.

Why need of Shrink sleeves?

·         3600 maximize branding opportunities.

·         Sophisticated high end look that adds value to your brand.

·         Allows decoration on any shape of container of your choice.

·         Economical, cost effective product decoration.

·         Eliminates wastages of custom printed contatiners.


Type of Shrink Sleeves

·        Transparent

·        Neck Sleeves with Hologram

·        Multi colour shrink sleeves

·        Perforated shrink sleeves

·        Tamper Evident Shrink sleeves

·        Anti Counterfeiting.



·        FMCG

·        Pharmaceutical

·        Healthcare Industries

·        Cosmetics Industries

·        Mineral Water bottle Industries

·        Food & Beverages

·        Liquor Industries.


Printed Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Capsules

Shrink Capsules


Unique Shrink capsule designed and produced by Holotechs for Boutique Sprit Brands wins the SIES-SOP Star Award for innovation and creativity under Ancillary Packaging Materials category.


Boutique Sprit Brands chose BrandCap capsule from Holotechs of Mumbai, to enhance the look of their new whisky brand, “Jordy’d Bar”. Shrink capsule is symbol of quality, has excellent eye appeal and offers an attractive sensory experience to the consumer. It is said that connoisseurs make decisions about the quality of the contents of a bottle by appreciating the beauty of a capsule. Consumers are further delighted by the fact that Shrink capsule offers a 100% fool-proof tamper-evident seal ensuring the genuineness of the contents.


Shrink capsules are custom-made for individual clients. They help to increase the quality image perception of products resulting in higher sales whilst reducing packaging costs.



Void Security Labels


 Export to Europe need to Comply With Directive 2011/62/EU,Tamper Evidence

1)  Authentic Seal-TVHc applied to carton, all text is clearly legible

2)  Latent security hologram image visible in the Authentic Seal- TVHc at special angles

3)  Any attempt to open or tamper, the seal immediately peels and tears to displays “VOID”

Get immediately supplies of compliant tamper evident “VOID” security Lables:



  • Excellent security with latent hologram.
  • Transparent clear – apply over any printed area, no need to change art work
  •  VOID for tamper evidence
  •  Complies with the 'Directive 2011/62/EU’
  •  Superior Service temperature -20 Celsius to 85 Celsius




Void Security Labels

Pull Tab To Open

Pull Tab To Open


We all want to have untampered box of chocolates, or perfume or skin cream, medicines, etc so we look to label seals to indicate if the carton has been opened or not. Though the tamper evident label do an admirable job, however they do leave behind unsightly sticky residue, thus detracting from the beauty & look of the carton.


The New “Pull To Open” tamper evident label from Holotechs, by pulling on the tab to open breaks the seal and allows the carton  to be opened without leaving any unsightly adhesive residue.


It has applications in confectionary, cosmetics, pharma, packaged foods, etc.