Firstly, Holotechs takes great pains to understand the customer’s needs and their security goals. After evaluating all details then a customized security proposition is offered for the customer to make their choice.

At Holotechs, we use a variety of technologies (such as customised security holograms, security printing, coatings, etc) to find the right solution for our customer’s requirement.

Security holograms have, over the years, proven to be the most effective device for product authentication to combat counterfeiting. In fact, security holograms appear on more than 300 denominations in 97 currencies around the world. They are also used very successfully in a wide range of applications from electronic peripherals, consumer products, liquor, tax stamps, packaging, etc. Holograms are available in a very wide range of specifications from simple hologram for promotional use to the highly specified security hologram with overt, covert and forensic security features. Security can be further enhanced by combining various security printing techniques, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes or even hidden security features.

Due to rise in incidences of counterfeiting of branded products, it has become imperative for companies with profitable brands to adopt brand authentication solutions to protect their brands. It is worth remembering that counterfeiting causes no cash loss but impacts heavily on the future success of the brand. Take action, to protect your successful brand.