PHARMACEUTICAL ALUMINIUM FOIL WITH UNIQUE ANTI-COUNTERFEIT SECURITY PharmmaSeal aluminum foil is a standard pharmaceutical packaging foil with printing up to eight colors with hologram, in hard temper with heat seal lacquer for as lidding foil for blister packing. PharmmaSeal soft temper with polyethylene coating for packing. This helps in providing security against counterfeiting. PharmmaSeal also available in soft temper Aluminum Strip Foils for use in tablet strip packing and can also be used for other products. Apart from usage in pharmaceutical industry, such PharmmaSeal lidding holographic foils can be used in packaging of dairy, water and other products as well.

  • PharmmaSeal is a specially developed aluminium foil for use as blister liding foil or to make tablet strip packs.
  • PharmmaSeal one foil component with holographic image.
  • PharmmaSeal can be easily used on all the standard tablet packaging machines.