Counterfeiting is considered to be a major threat by the packaging industry. Therefore, industry has developed many processes and products to counter this menace. One of the most successful methods in packaging is to integrate it with hologram, thus making the package difficult to copy.

One of the examples in HoloSleevv for beverage neck seal; in pharmaceuticals, it is PharmmaSeal foil with hologram for tablet blister packs. Also used are special inks like color changing inks, fluorescent inks, thermo chromic and then there are specially formed packs requiring special machinery to produce them.

While the packaging industry is ready with a solution to suit all budgets, it is the brand owner who has to take the lead in selecting and specifying the right anti-counterfeit package to suit his/her marketing objectives.

Counterfeiting of pharmaceutical and food products is certainly a critical issue, and many leading companies are addressing this. In fact, if a brand is successful, then a counterfeiter will copy it. Other major sectors that suffer from counterfeiting include automotive spares, music and cinematic industry, consumer products, etc.

Today, hologram offers best and most cost-effective solution against counterfeiting; however, it also suffers from attack by pass-offs. It is difficult to copy a hologram, and that is why over 100 countries around the world use hologram as one of the means of protection from counterfeiting on their currencies. Holograms have a rainbow effect, which is often crudely simulated by other methods. A properly specified hologram combined with other techniques like high-quality printing offers the best anti-counterfeiting solution for the lowest cost, when compared to other techniques. Moreover, hologram cannot be copied by any other printing technique.

China has a reputation for producing many counterfeit products in almost every sector however; people in India have become aware of these products and the low value it offers. Quality Indian brands should not fear such counterfeits provided they have taken adequate measures to protect their products and packaging. If you want to know more on how Holotechs can help secure your brand, talk to us now!

Rohitt D Mistry

Chairman, Holotechs