Today all brands are at war. In war everything is in a flux, nothing remains constant. Similarly, in a world of brands where large money is involved counterfeiters are constantly attacking successful brands, they leave alone brands with good anti counterfeit measures. Good anti counterfeit protection involves a multi-faceted strategy, remember there is no one product panacea, it requires technology in all aspects of the product, manufacturing, product packaging, etc.

One cannot say I have a security device, now I am safe. One has to keep “raising the bar” to keep one step ahead of the counterfeiters, very much like protecting ones’ home: 1st a door bolt, then a pad lock, then a grill, high wall, electronic surveillance, alarm, the list keeps getting longer.

Security has to constantly evolve to meet the The risks faced by the brand by evolving the hologram specification to meet desired requirements. Hologram when combined with other techniques is still the most formidable product to combat the counterfeiters, and the counterfeiters hate it. That is why over 80 currencies around the world use holograms.

A brand can make or break the reputation of an organization. The secret to your hard-earned success is the result of a winning brand and nurturing it to perfection. But there’s danger lurking around the corner. Whether you like it or not, your brand is sitting target for many counterfeit product manufacturers in our country. Your brand requires protection like the way you protect your prized possession: leave nothing to chance.

So why take a chance with your brand? Protect your brand with Holotechs. We offer the wide range of anti-counterfeit and authentication solutions.