Void Security Labels

Void Security Labels


 Export to Europe need to Comply With Directive 2011/62/EU,Tamper Evidence

1)  Authentic Seal-TVHc applied to carton, all text is clearly legible

2)  Latent security hologram image visible in the Authentic Seal- TVHc at special angles

3)  Any attempt to open or tamper, the seal immediately peels and tears to displays “VOID”

Get immediately supplies of compliant tamper evident “VOID” security Lables:



  • Excellent security with latent hologram.
  • Transparent clear – apply over any printed area, no need to change art work
  •  VOID for tamper evidence
  •  Complies with the 'Directive 2011/62/EU’
  •  Superior Service temperature -20 Celsius to 85 Celsius