Printed Shrink Sleeves

Printed Shrink Sleeves


Shrink Sleeves

The Aesthetic appeal & versatile functionality of Shrink sleeves make any brand successful in wide range of markets. This shrink sleeves conform to any shape with 3600 surface for your Brand’s Message  & it transfer tightly to the shape of container.

Why need of Shrink sleeves?

·         3600 maximize branding opportunities.

·         Sophisticated high end look that adds value to your brand.

·         Allows decoration on any shape of container of your choice.

·         Economical, cost effective product decoration.

·         Eliminates wastages of custom printed contatiners.


Type of Shrink Sleeves

·        Transparent

·        Neck Sleeves with Hologram

·        Multi colour shrink sleeves

·        Perforated shrink sleeves

·        Tamper Evident Shrink sleeves

·        Anti Counterfeiting.



·        FMCG

·        Pharmaceutical

·        Healthcare Industries

·        Cosmetics Industries

·        Mineral Water bottle Industries

·        Food & Beverages

·        Liquor Industries.