The HolocapSeal is an induction wad with Hologram that offers 100% tamper evident sealing of containers made from LDPE, HDPE, PET and hence finds extensive use in chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries.

HoloCapSeal can be customized for individual product lines or batches of products that helps in providing unique authentication and security of the contents of the package.

These Holographic Induction Wads helps in preserving the quality and purity of content and prevents contamination of the content while offering excellent protection from moisture, vapor and gases. These HoloCapSeal induction wads are non-toxic, tamper-proof and due to its highly efficient sealing ability helps in preventing leakage in bottles


Holographic products offer enhanced security against duplication of your products


Hologram Label

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Holocapseal : Induction Wad With Hologram

Induction Wad With Hologram

The HolocapSeal is an induction wad with Hologram that offers 100% tamper evident sealing and is a product that has been particlarly developedRead More →


Self Adhesive Hologram label

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