How bad is Counterfeiting in India?

How bad is Counterfeiting in India?

Counterfeiting is a menace for all the successful brands, in fact one can say that one is not successful until one is copied.

But why let someone else enjoy the fruits of your labour, protect your brand and your profits.

Counterfeiters want profits and they don’t care for the safety of the consumer. Counterfeitors will copy any successful brand.

In order to successfully combat counterfeiting, one need to employ a multifaceted anti counterfeit strategy comprising of legal, physical, and technological elements.

Legal is the domain of the legal profession eg: patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

Hologram addresses the physical and the technological aspects of counterfeiting.

The application of hologram acts as a 24×7 guard and hence addresses the physical part of the anti-counterfeiting strategy while the technical complexity of the hologram image – both overt and multi level covert elements looks after the technological aspect of the strategy. Higher the technical specification, greater is the security.

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