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Fussionmark: Holographic Stamping Foil

Fussion mark: Hot Stamping Foil
FussionMark India’s first holographic hot stamping foil. FussionMark is fused on to a host surface e.g. paper, plastic etc., by means of heat and pressure. Once applied on to the host surface it becomes part of it and the image is secure as it cannot be removed or transferred. Supplied as hot stamping foil rolls, FussionMark can be applied to the product packaging by the clients' printer. The holographic image in FussionMark can be either continuous pattern or as individual index registered as is usually needed for document protection.
  • Cannot be copied or duplicated.
  • Cannot be tampered or re-used.
  • Can be easily applied to the product or documents.
  • Easily verifiable by the user / manufacturer.
  • Total brand protection.
  • Tamper-evident pilfer proof solutions.
  • Foolproof document authentication.
  • Our most modern mastering provides no scope whatsoever for any kind of duplication.