Product Range Pharmmaseal

Pharmmaseal: Aluminium Hologram Stripe

Pharmaseal fo Blister Packs and Table Strip Packs
PharmmaSeal aluminium foil, a world’s first for Holotechs, first use of hologram stripe on pharmaceutical blister packs. This foil is used as lidding foil to make blister packs and tablet strip packs. It has all the benefits of standard aluminium foil with the added benefit of unique anti-counterfeiting. Pharmmaseal can be supplied with or without print and can be easily used on all standard blister-packaging machine.
  • Cannot be copied or duplicated.
  • Cannot be tampered or re-used.
  • Can be easily applied to the product or documents.
  • Easily verifiable by the user / manufacturer.
  • Total brand protection.
  • Tamper-evident pilfer proof solutions.
  • Foolproof document authentication.
  • Our most modern mastering provides no scope whatsoever for any kind of duplication.