Product Range Holocapseal

Holocapseal: Induction Aluminium Foil

Holographic Product Holocap Seal
HolocapSeal is a specially developed induction wad for induction sealing to plastic containers; the aluminium foil has holographic effect on the topside. It has all the benefits of aluminium foil e.g. excellent barrier to moisture, vapour and gases. It seals easily on the bottle opening by using induction or direct heat sealing.
  • Cannot be copied or duplicated.
  • Cannot be tampered or re-used.
  • Can be easily applied to the product or documents.
  • Easily verifiable by the user / manufacturer.
  • Total brand protection.
  • Tamper-evident pilfer proof solutions.
  • Foolproof document authentication.
  • Our most modern mastering provides no scope whatsoever for any kind of duplication.