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Authenticseal: Self Adhesive Hologram Label

Hologram Label Authenticseal
Holotechs’s, famous tamper evident self-adhesive hologram label for sealing packages to stop any pilferage or tampering with the contents. Once applied it cannot be transferred to another, as any attempt to remove it results in the image self destructing; available kiss-cut in rolls or sheets, or as tape with pressure sensitive adhesive protected with release paper and slit to required size.
  • Cannot be copied or duplicated.
  • Cannot be tampered or re-used.
  • Can be easily applied to the product or documents.
  • Easily verifiable by the user / manufacturer.
  • Total brand protection.
  • Tamper-evident pilfer proof solutions.
  • Foolproof document authentication.
  • Our most modern mastering provides no scope whatsoever for any kind of duplication.